Price €: 5.900.000

Ancient Farmhouse Fauglia

  • Livorno Pisa Tuscan Coast Tuscan Countryside
  • Rif. PV29762
Price €: 850.000
Price €: 2.200.000
Price €: 2.200.000

Villa Tartufo – Beautiful property with vineyards for sale be...

  • Florence Pisa Tuscan Countryside
  • Rif. PV13267

Pisa is one of the most important cities in Tuscany and well-known places in the world because of its famous symbol, the leaning tower, known as Pisa Tower. Situated in the center of the Piazza deiMiracoli, Miracle Square, it is a really magic monument that attracts millions of tourists yearly. It is also a city of Alma Mater with its three important Italian universities: the University if Pisa, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and the ScuolaNormaleSuperiore. The city is proud by its rich history, it is used to be one of the four marittime republics. Nowadays it can also be proud of its modern international Galileo Galiley Airport that connects it to anywhere in the world.

Pisa is surrounded by charming Tuscan countryside. Having a promenade through the narrow streets of the city center or visiting interesting places close to the town like Certosa di Calci is a pleasure that never ends. The beautiful spa place CascianaTerme proposes relaxing and healthy baths for the well-being of the entire family. Different activities such as hiking, biking and horse riding make the life in Pisa full and exiting.