Villa Belvedere – historical villa for sale in Florence

  • Florence Tuscan Countryside
  • Rif. PV25681
Price €: 4.200.000
Price €: 1.900.000€ To restore
Price €: 1.800.000
Price €: Under 2M

Villa Chiantigiana – Country property with villa and apartmen...

  • Chianti Florence Tuscan Countryside
  • Rif. PV22982
Price €: Up to 2M

Villa Pian di Scò – charming villa for sale in the countrysid...

  • Arezzo Florence Tuscan Countryside
  • Rif. PV19683
Price €: Under 2M

Torre Bella Vista – Beautiful villa with medieval tower for s...

  • Chianti Florence Tuscan Countryside
  • Rif. PV11329
Price €: 3.900.000
Price €: 2.750.000

Historical Winery – Prestigious Winery for sale in the heart ...

  • Chianti Florence Tuscan Countryside
  • Rif. PV10379
Price €: 8.900.000

Historical Family Country House for sale in Chianti – Close t...

  • Chianti Florence Tuscan Countryside
  • Rif. PV9424
Price €: 3.000.000
Price €: 1.800.000

Villa Panorama – Country Estate with winery for sale in Chianti

  • Chianti Florence Tuscan Countryside
  • Rif. PV10641
Price €: 7.000.000

The ancient city of Florence is called a “cultural” capital of Italy and it is the capital of the region of Tuscany. This medieval city is declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The city attracts millions of visitors every year, and is considered to be one of the most visited places in the world. It is also one of the most outstanding economic, cultural, politic and artistic centres of Italy.

Florence combines the spirit of renaissance and modernity, tradition and fashion, luxury and elegance. Walking in this “open-air” museum, living in its historic buildings, eating Tuscan cuisine in its typical restaurants, shopping in its luxury boutiques and breathing its unique atmosphere of the past gives you the sensation of living, in probably in the best place of the world.

The eternal fame of Florence recognized over the world is the best guarantee for investing in local real estate. You can choose from a vast choice from luxury villas, historical castles, exclusive apartments to boutique hotels and B&Bs. For more detailed information about the area, SEE MORE