Arezzo is a provincial capital within the central Italian region of Tuscany. Like so many Italian towns, the historic part of the city is on a hill, in a defensive position close to the base of a stronghold. Arezzo is rich in art and dates to Etruscan times, when it was part of the Dodecapolis, one of the twelve most important Etruscan cities. Situated along via Cassia, during Roman times it played a crucial role and was well known for its pottery products. The city is about 80 kilometres (50 miles) southeast of Florence, at an elevation of 296 metres (971 ft) above sea level.

Growth has been rapid, enabling Arezzo to become, amongst other things, a major goldsmiths center. The town’s other vocation as a leading tourist attraction, and its ability to combine a long and great cultural tradition with its modern entrepreneurial identity, make it a major point of reference for the whole of eastern Tuscany.

Arezzo is also the birthplace of many famous artists and writers such as Petrarca, Aretino, and Vasari, the city attracts many tourists to its wonderful works of art and preserved medieval structure of deep artistic and historical value.

 Arezzo is also famous for its cuisine. The most famous dishes of Arezzo are Acquacotta, a bread soup made with porcini mushrooms and Ribollita, a bread soup made with many different vegetables. But you can also taste the wonderful Chianina Steak and all sorts of pastas.

Suggested Restaurants:

  • If you want to eat in a traditional place, you should go to the restaurant la Lancia d’Oro ( that is working since 1993 in the historic center of the town. The dishes are prepared with local products making this an unforgettable experience.
  • If you prefer an informal setting with gourmet food you should try Bistrot 31 ( The dishes are artfully crafted, utilizing local ingredients and ancient culinary traditions to put together a feast for both your eyes and your palate. They have excellent tasting menus, where multiple courses will give you a tour through the best of Tuscan cuisine.

Suggested Hotels:

  • Hotel Continentale (, a 4 star hotel working for more than 50 years and is a point of reference for anyone who wants to stay in Arezzo in an elegant atmosphere with professional and qualified staff.
  • If you want to experience the Tuscan lifestyle, we suggest the Hotel Badia di Pomaio ( a 4 star hotel with an outdoor pool and a restaurant serving Tuscan specialties. The rooms are individually characterized by a rustic style and guests can relax in the garden and admire the views over the Tuscan hills in the direction of Arezzo.

Sports Facilities:

  • The city of Arezzo counts with its own golf club. It is called Casentino Golf Club Arezzo ( and it offers a 12 hole course. The path is immersed in the heart of Tuscany and can be entirely viewed by the Club House located at the top of the hill with wide terraces surrounded by olive groves and trees.
  • Another option, close to the city is the Golf Club Valdichiana ( that offers a 9-hole course in the middle of Tuscany.

Annual Festivals:

  • One of Arezzo’s most interesting annual events is La Giostra del Saracino. ( The Saracen Joust is an ancient game that was born as an exercise for military training back to the Middle Ages. The competition takes place every year in Piazza Grande on the last Saturday of June and on the first Sunday of September and works like each knight has to gallops on horseback with a wooden lance and aims at the Buratto and its shield.
  • The Antique Market in Arezzo is considered one of the best antique fairs in Tuscany and was the first market of its kind to be established in Italy in 1968. It’s held regularly the first sunday of every month and over the years has grown in size and reputation. There are now around 500 vendors from across the country selling their goods at the market, which is visited by many locals and tourists.

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