The Manor of the Artist - Prestigious Manor for sale near Florence

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Price: € 3.000.000

Features and Amenities:

  • Location: Florence, Tuscan Countryside
  • Typology: Manor, Villa
  • Condition: The Villa is in good condition, the rest of the property needs to be looked over again
  • Size: 2,000 m2 - 21,528 ft2
  • Land: 25 ha - 61.7 ac
  • Bedrooms: 8
  • Bathrooms: 10
  • Number of buildings: 4
  • Pool: No, but it is possible to add
  • Extra features: Very interesting villa, perfect as a residence for large families

Florence, Tuscan Countryside

Description in Detail

THE MANOR OF THE ARTIST is a prestigious property located in the Florentine countryside a few kilometres from the historic city centre. It is an ancient estate that dates back to the 16th century. It consists of the main villa with a private chapel, the guardian’s house and various agricultural outbuildings, surrounded by about 25 hectares of land, including olive groves and vineyards to be put back into production.

Historically the property was used as a hunting lodge. In 1500 it was a bed and breakfast that welcomed hunters and travellers. In the central building you can still see where the the visitors were received.

During the Second World War one of the annexes was occupied by American soldiers who painted frescoes on the walls – these are still visible. The villa still holds historical relics of this, such as military beds and other objects.

Recently it has been the residence of a famous contemporary painter who transformed it into his studio, atelier and meeting place for art admirers and lovers, thus contributing to enrich the precious energy that this place holds.

The Main Villa is spread over 3 floors and a basement where there are still old cellars and kitchens where hunting lunches were once organised.

The interiors of the villa are sober and elegant characterized by coffered ceilings, a large stone staircase connecting the ground floor to the first floor where we find most of the bedrooms.

The building is embellished with a beautiful terrace, a loggia and a private chapel.

Next to the main villa, there is a particularly interesting building of about 800 square meters called ‘Casa del Guardiano’ which used to house the family of the guardian of the whole estate.

Arranged on 3 floors, you find 3 bedrooms in the apartment on the upper floor, while on the lower floors you find rooms used as former offices of the farm. This property is in need of renovation.

Finally, there is a former agricultural building dating back to the year 650AD, which was used as a storage facility for agricultural machinery, a dryer and two old rural buildings. In the basement there’s another room for the production of wine.

This property is also in need of renovation.

The property is surrounded by about 25 hectares of land with olive groves and vineyards, not currently in production.

This is a fascinating property, thanks to its great history and charm that has been preserved over time, making itself the perfect second home for large families.

Currently, renovation work in Italy is very convenient, as the state guarantees the recovery of most of the works. This would allow for a transformation into a valuable luxury residence as well as for tourism purposes.

Current State and Condition

Most of the property is in a good state regarding preservation and maintenance, while certain parts of the former farming basement need to be renovated. The wall structure is good, and the rooms are of considerable size.

The electrical system, plumbing, and heating are in good condition, however, due to the fact the property hasn’t been used for a long time, it’s missing some of the correct certifications.

Potential Uses

The property would be perfect for big families. It would be ideal as a primary residency, or as a secondary residence, with the opportunity to rent it to tourists.


  • City: Firenze

The property is located in a quiet area only 20 minutes from Florence’s historic city center, and is immersed in the beautiful and calm Florentine countryside.

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