17 Ottobre 2016

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Forget popping bottles, buy a vineyard

Ever wonder what it would be like to get your hands dirty cultivating your own wine? It’s common for Italians in the countryside to own a small vineyard and olive grove used for the production of their own wine and olive oil. Especially in wine regions like Chianti in Tuscany, were...

Farmhouse for sale near Arezzo

An Extravagant Getaway in Florence

An Extravagant Getaway in Florence Florence is an ancient city with incredible artwork and in a way it is an open air museum. During the Renaissance, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci created some of their best work in this city. In this blog we will take you on a...


Investment opportunities in Cortona, Italy

Cortona’s most defining feature is the 3,000-year old Etruscan walls that surround it, but it is also known for its medieval architecture, natural surroundings, and stately structures. A luxury house in Cortona is an attractive investment if you want to own property that lets you enjoy the area’s antique...