5 September 2019

The Million Dollar Question: What Property would you buy if you had €4M?

Our Intern Lubona recounts her answer to The Million Dollar Question:

After interning at Precious Villas for 3 months, I have had the privilege of studying a lot of the properties for sale in Florence and also within Tuscany. From this, I have connected with particular properties more personally than others based on my personal preferences. It is true that a picture speaks a thousand words and that it is why we enjoy seeing lovely imagery of pristine and meticulous homes, that get our interior design tastebuds tingling.

After going through all of the villas I have chosen Villa Nouveau. when I first saw it caught my eye and left a lasting impression in my mind that has stuck with me for these months.

Villa Nouveau is a completely restored property, located in the perfect position of the florentine countryside but just 10 minutes from the city center. The estate is composed of the main villa, a guesthouse and two annexes used for storage purposes.  The main villa and the guesthouse face the courtyard, which is dedicated as an outdoor living area. The property interior is a canvas for contemporary design, modern appliances, bright living spaces, and numerous windows

The terrain measures 11 ha and includes 9 ha of olive groves, 2 ha of gardens and a beautiful swimming pool that offers views of the surrounding countryside.  

The main villa measures approximately 750m2 and has three levels.  The ground floor consists of a spacious living room with fireplace, a family room, the main kitchen, laundry room, storage rooms and an expansive dining area with high ceilings and beautiful stone arches. The main villa holds 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, elegantly decorated with marble elements; some have a Jacuzzi and one even boasts a sauna. There is also a study/extra bedroom with bathroom and a beautiful loggia with an outdoor dining table. The additional features I like about the property are the garage, a large cellar/basement, and the second kitchen and living area.




The two-story guesthouse measures approximately 150m2 and consists of one bedroom, bathroom, living area, and kitchenette.

The reasons to why I chose Villa Nouveau was primarily due to its location in Florence, I have fallen deeply in love with the city and lifestyle in Florence and is known as the cradle of the Renaissance and is home to artistic and architectural masterpieces.  Apart from its rich history, another reason why I chose Florence was because of its perfect positioning and balance of the Tuscan countryside and Tuscan city life. If I was to put myself in the shoes of a foreigner looking to relocate to Tuscany I would recommend Florence the reasons being that it is a culturally diverse city full of expats. the second reason is that it is welcoming to all age ranges. A lot of times when families are relocating it can be hard on families with children as they need to adapt. Florence has activities for all age ranges for adults, teens and family fun. I have personal experience living with my family in various countries and I remember how it felt to relocate as a child. If I would be a child again about to relocate to Tuscany I would definitely choose Florence and Villa Nouveau for me and my family. As I would today as an adult. 

Thinking about the property which best suits my personality and style I arrived at a home with a modern interior, this is because I personally enjoy the contrast of having a modern interior in a Tuscan Villa shell and environment.     

Written by Lubona C. who did an internship with Precious Villas in the Spring-Summer of 2019