20 May 2016

Street Art and its Prevalence in Florence

Street Art and its Prevalence in Florence

Street art is one of the most unique forms of art as it offers itself to be gazed upon freely and openly by anyone. It can be very beautiful and each piece of art holds its own temperament as it gives off a gratuitous release because it is not owned by anyone nor can it be taken away, only removed.

Florence has a rare art form on its streets and the types of artistry found provide the city with an even more exquisite personality. The most infamous of Florence street artists is Clet and his artistic compatibility with traffic signs that no one dares to question. His traffic sign alterations give the public something more visually stimulating to see when they’re walking or driving past what usually are lifeless and mundane inanimate traffic regulators. More than just offering a visually appealing silhouette, the signs often times have a satirical or even enlightening meaning. Through his eyes he sees more than just a dull sign, he sees a canvas begging for life

The art behind Exit/Enter is truly delightful. The works of art created by this artist are very delectable and can be seen everywhere on Florence but mostly on hidden little side roads. I personally see Exit/Enter art pieces around Florence almost every day. The concept behind Exit/Enter is ‘life is a continuous change and an endless succession of situations, depending on your point of view, can be experienced as an exit or and entrance to new possibilities’. Exit/Enter really brings the streets of Florence to life as his art enlightens lonely streets allowing them to be able to tell their own story. Exit enter has created a lively atmosphere for people to experience when gazing the streets and they really seem to enjoy it.

L’arte sa nuotare is a series of street artworks known by someone who only goes by the name of “Blub”. L’arte sa nuotare means the art knows how to swim and it often shows depictions of famous artworks which have been extended to show they are wearing swimming masks. Blub’s main aim is “to make famous art more accessible to the wider public, take these awe-inspiring works off their museum pedestals, invoking emotion, a little smile and some conversation.” This artwork is something often seen everyday by Florentines.

Here are a few more honourable mentions.

Guerilla Spam (below)

Hopnn Yuri (below)