18 August 2015

Details of a sale – Low profile, High performance. Passion for Real Estate

We would like to involve you in our daily lives as real estate agents by telling you a little story of our most recent purchase.

This is a tale of a Country house located in the Tuscan hills of Florence that we sold to a couple living in China.These clients had quite clear ideas of what they were looking for in a home. They wanted to buy a Country house that was charming, faithful to the Tuscan style but not too traditional, with a pool and close to Florence.

Considering their desires, we selected this Country house from our list of properties for sale. Their first viewing of the country house was back in April, and for them it was love at first sight. It was the perfect house, which exactly reflected their criteria.

Two days after, we took them on their second visit and then afterwards they returned to Shanghai. In spite of being so far away, with our help, they were able to comfortably resume the purchase of their new home from China. In took only three months, to prepare the offer and with the support of other professionals, finalise the sale.

This is exactly what we do, we help people find their perfect match in a home where they will live happily ever after.

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