28 November 2014


Plenty of fairs, historical performances and reconstructions are taking place in Tuscany throughout the year. These events should not to be missed. These are the things which allow you to feel the spirit of Italy, and Tuscany in particular.

Incredibly fun and interesting feast days, both, for tourists from around the world and for the Italians themselves. Of course, first thing that immediately comes to mind is the Calcio Storico in Florence, which takes place in late June, and is an unforgettable sight – an absolutely fully reconstructed medieval era in one of the most beautiful squares of Florence, Santa Croce.


A game spread from ancient Rome, and as of 14th century representatives of the most noble Florentine families could not resist the temptation to try their strength and contest each other. Four teams representing different areas of the city compete with each other before the cheering spectators. This spectacle is worth to see and feel being part of Florence.

Also, many fairs called “sagre“ dedicated to local produce take place almost all year round, starting from early May until the end of autumn.

These would be:
– the truffle fair in San Miniato, 29-30 November and December 6-8;
– by all means, the wine fair in Forrottoli, July24-27 and August 1-3;
– olive fair in San Quirico d’Orcia, weekend of December the 8th;
– chestnut fair in San Marcello Pistoiese 27-30 November, and many others – all what Tuscany is so rich in and desires to share with all of us.







At these events you have opportunity to try the best local products and dishes which are hard to find even in restaurants. Let alone the atmosphere! All this is accompanied by music, dancing beside sma trading stalls with local products, whether it is silver ornaments or handmade crockery. During summer it is the favourite entertainment of those who live in the countryside Tuscany. It is the simple things that give us so much pleasure and let us feel a little bit Italians, if only for an evening.In Toscana durante tutto l’arco dell’anno si svolgono numerose feste, spettacoli e eventi di carattere storico e artistico. Con la partecipazione a tali eventi si ha la possibilità di conoscere e riscoprire l’essenza della cultura italiana e toscana.

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