31 July 2014

Italian Real Estate Terms

Although we are here for you throughout your entire purchase/selling process, it is always good to learn terms in the native language.

Here is a quick, jump-starter on Italian Real Estate vocabulary:


Italian English explantion
affittasi appartamento apartment for rent
affittasi/da affitare to rent
agenzie immobiliari estate agents
allacciamento all’elettricità connection to the power supply
ammobiliato furnished
appartamento flat/apartment
bagni bath/bathroom/toilets
bidé bidet
bombola del gas bottled gas/cylinder
bombolone gas tank
box lock-up garage
camino fireplace/hearth
castello castle
cercasi appartamento rental apartment wanted
cercasi in affitto rental wanted
circa approximately
condominios apartment blocks
contatore meter (water/electricity)
conti/bolleta bill
contratto a libero mercato free market contract
contratto convenzionati convention contract
corridoi corridor
cucine kitchen
di lusso luxury
disdire to give notice/terminate (a contract)
doccia shower
domiciliazione payment of bills by direct debit or standing order
electtricista electrician
forno oven
forno a legna wood burning oven
gabinetto toilet
gas di città/mettano città mains gas
giardino garden
i servizi di casa home amenities
immobili commerciali e industr buildings designed for business or industrial purposes
immobili residenziali affitti rented residential property
immobili residenziali comprave purchase and sale of residential property
immobili turistici holiday residences
importo total amount
ingressi entrance hall
ingresso indipendente private entrance
inventario inventory
lavanderia utility/laundry room
mutuo/mutuo totale mortgage/total mortgage
non-ammobiliato unfurnished
pratico functional
parcheggio parking area
parquet wooden parquet flooring
pavimenti in cotto terracotta tiled flooring
persiane shutters
piscina swimming pool
pergolato arbor
prezzi imbattibile fine… unbeatable prices, as low as…
pulizia scale cleaning of communal areas
riscaldamento heating
saloni living room
servizi bathroom facilities
scaldabagno water heater
scadenza due date
S.p.a. P.L.C.
Stufa a legna wood burner / wood stove
tapparella/avvolgenti rolling shutters
terreno/terreni land/landed property
travi a vista ceiling with the beams showing/rafted ceiling
vani rooms (dell’ascensore, lift-shafts), (delle scale, stairwells)
vasca bath/tank
vigneto vineyard
voltura di contratto transfer of gas/telephone subscription


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