13 June 2014

The Tuscan Hilltops

Photo Credit: Alexandra Means

The Tuscan region is made up of ten Provinces, one of which has the strongest impact on the image of the Tuscan landscape.

The Province of Siena, situated in the central-southern region of Tuscany, extends over some of the most breathtaking territories in Tuscany.

Traveling in this province alone is an adventure that will take you through wildly different and exquisite terrain from dense woodlands, to clear rolling hills and miraculous ruins from centuries ago.

The stunning vineyards and woodlands of Villa degli Angeli, Radda in Chianti.

The Chianti region, which graces the north of Siena, is home to dense vineyards in territories such as Castelnuovo Berardegna, Gaiole in Chianti and Radda in Chianti.In central Siena is the area of Crete Senesi, known for its rolling clay hillsides that are recognized for their unique color and dramatic cracks and openings that have occurred over the centuries. In this territory are the distinguished towns of San Gimignano and Poggibonsi, that are home to some of the most precious artistic heritage.

Well-being is highly regarded in this area with the thermal spa centers in the towns of Montepulciano and San Casciano die Bagni.

The crystal clear view of the rolling hills from Amabile Collina.

The most idyllic area with olive groves, vineyards, rolling hills and cypress lined drives is found in Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is with this area of Siena that the idyllic picture of Tuscany is complete and leaves the imagination to wonder what other treasures are held throughout the precious region.

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