29 April 2014

Global Real Estate Network

With a steady increase in demand generated by international buyers wanting to live in the Tuscan region, Precious Villas continues to expand our international network in order to reach those clients who are in need of our specific services and expertise.

The largest key to our international success is our second office located in the heart of London. Our London based team is highly experienced in international real estate and property marketing in the real estate media.

Of particular importance is the internet site that offers our properties exposure to the global market and uploads to other premier UK based websites. The highly prominent website (www.mayfairinternationalrealty.com) provides us exposure on a worldwide portal for luxury properties.

Precious Villas, however, enjoys the unique benefit of being the only Tuscan broker whose properties are uploaded to the property search site on Mayfair International Real Estate and Country Life (www.countrylife.co.uk).

Country Life is regarded as the leading UK magazine for luxury real estate. Over the past one hundred years Country Life has been the finest place to advertise the very best country houses, estates and important town houses in the UK and Europe.

We are dedicated to serving our clients, both the homeowners and those looking to buy their dream home in Tuscany. With our extensive international network, the Precious Villas’ headquarters in Florence is able to stay at the head of the market with adding new properties to our database and maintaining our high level of service for all of our onsite visits.

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